Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2

Fans van Mozilla Firefox krijgen van Mozilla de mogelijkheid om de tweede alphaversie van de komende Firefox 3.7 browser te downloaden. Softwareontwikkelaars en enthousiaste testers kunnen alvast een sneak peak krijgen van de Gecko 1.9.3. alpha 2 versie.

Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2De versie kent onder andere de volgende veranderingen en updates:

  • Plugins – On Windows and Linux, plugins (such as Flash and Silverlight) are now isolated from Firefox. Plugin crashes will not kill Firefox itself, and unresponsive plugins are automatically restarted;
  • Security – The SSL security system has been changed to fix a renegotiation flaw. For technical details, see the newsgroup posting announcing the change;
  • HTML – The placeholder attribute for < inpu t> and < textarea > is now supported;
  • User Interface – The stop and reload buttons have been merged when they are adjacent on the toolbar;
  • SVG – Support for SMIL Animation in SVG. Support for animating some SVG attributes is still under development and the animateMotion element isn’t supported yet;
  • Stability – Crash reports from plugin processes are now submitted automatically;
  • CSS – Support for CSS Transitions. This support is not quite complete: support for animation of transforms and gradients has not yet been implemented;
  • WebGL – Support for WebGL is disabled by default but can be enabled by changing a preference;
  • … en meer.

Firefox 3.7 alpha 2 is hier te downloaden voor Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.